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EQRegExp & EQRegExp::operator= ( const EQRegExp rx  ) 

Copies the regular expression rx and returns a reference to the copy. The case sensitivity, wildcard, and minimal matching options are also copied.

Definition at line 3498 of file eqregexp.cpp.

References priv.

Referenced by EQRegExp().

    prepareEngine(rx.priv); // to allow sharing
    EQRegExpEngine *otherEng = rx.priv->eng;
    if (otherEng)
    priv->eng = otherEng;
    priv->engineKey = rx.priv->engineKey;
    priv->min = rx.priv->min;
    priv->t = rx.priv->t;
    priv->capturedCache = rx.priv->capturedCache;
    if (priv->eng)
    priv->matchState.captured = rx.priv->matchState.captured;
    return *this;

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