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bibParser Class Reference

#include <bibParser.h>

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coreBibParser c2bBibParser

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Detailed Description

Class for bibliographic reference parsing and manipulation

Pere Constans

Definition at line 26 of file bibParser.h.


void statusMessage (const QString &ms)

Public Member Functions

QString abbreviatedJournal (const QString &name) const
QString & authorFromBibTeX (QString &as)
QString autoRecognizedString () const
const QStringList & bibliographicFields () const
const QStringList & bibliographicTypes () const
 bibParser (QObject *parento=0)
void clearCurrentReference ()
const bibReferencecurrentReference () const
QString documentFilename (const QString &base_fn, const QString &bibtex_fn)
QString excerpt (const QString &text, const QStringList &hints) const
int fieldCount (const bibReference &ref) const
int fieldCount () const
QString fullJournal (const QString &name) const
void guessFields (const QString &text)
bool hasBibTeX (const QString &str) const
void initReferenceParsing (const QString &dir, const QStringList &fields, bibReference *ref)
bool isAutoRecognized () const
void parse (const QString &text, QString *out_text, QString *out_tagtext)
bibReferenceparse (bibReference &reference)
QString parse (const QString &field, const QString &value, const QString &init_value=QString())
void preparse (const QString &text, QString *out_text)
bool referenceAtKey (const QString &key, const QString &str, bibReference *ref)
bool referencesIn (const QString &str, bibReference *ref)
QString referenceToBibTeX (const bibReference &ref) const
QString referenceToFomattedBibTeX (const bibReference &ref) const
virtual void setCiteID ()
virtual void setField (const QString &name, const QString &value)
QString setJournalsToAbbreviated (const QString &text)
QString setJournalsToFull (const QString &text)
void setReferenceParsingDir (const QString &dir)
virtual void setReferenceType (const QString &type)
QString setTags (const QString &text) const
const QStringList & sortedBibliographicFields () const
QString toBibTeX (const bibReference &ref, bool sig=true) const
QString toBibTeX (bool sig=true) const
bibReference wholeReference (const QString &str)

Protected Member Functions

QString adjacentNumbers (const QString &numbers) const
virtual void checkRegExpFile (const QString &fn)
virtual void currentReferenceUpdated ()

Protected Attributes

authorString _authorString
QStringList _bibliographic_fields
QStringList _bibliographic_types
bibReference _current_reference
QRegExp _field_re
settings * _settingsP
QStringList _sorted_bibliographic_fields

Private Member Functions

QString removeTags (const QString &text) const

Private Attributes

bool _auto_recognized
QString _auto_recognized_string


class heuristicBibParser

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