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c2bBibParser Class Reference

#include <c2bBibParser.h>

Inheritance diagram for c2bBibParser:

bibParser coreBibParser

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Detailed Description

cb2Bib interface to bibParser

This class groups Bib Parser functionality related to GUI

Pere Constans

Definition at line 28 of file c2bBibParser.h.


void bibModified (bool modified)
void statusMessage (const QString &ms)

Public Member Functions

QString abbreviatedJournal (const QString &name) const
void addField (const QString &name, c2bLineEdit *editor)
void addTypes (QComboBox *types)
QString & authorFromBibTeX (QString &as)
QString autoRecognizedString () const
const QStringList & bibliographicFields () const
const QStringList & bibliographicTypes () const
 c2bBibParser (QObject *parento=0)
void clearCurrentReference ()
const bibReferencecurrentReference () const
QString documentFilename (const QString &base_fn, const QString &bibtex_fn)
QString excerpt (const QString &text, const QStringList &hints) const
QString field (const QString &name) const
int fieldCount (const bibReference &ref) const
int fieldCount () const
QString fullJournal (const QString &name) const
void guessFields (const QString &text)
bool hasBibTeX (const QString &str) const
void initReferenceParsing (const QString &dir, const QStringList &fields, bibReference *ref)
bool isAutoRecognized () const
void parse (const QString &text, QString *out_text, QString *out_tagtext)
bibReferenceparse (bibReference &reference)
QString parse (const QString &field, const QString &value, const QString &init_value=QString())
void preparse (const QString &text, QString *out_text)
bool referenceAtKey (const QString &key, const QString &str, bibReference *ref)
bool referencesIn (const QString &str, bibReference *ref)
QString referenceToBibTeX (const bibReference &ref) const
QString referenceToFomattedBibTeX (const bibReference &ref) const
void setField (const QString &name, const QString &value, const QString &init_value)
void setField (const QString &name, const QString &value)
QString setJournalsToAbbreviated (const QString &text)
QString setJournalsToFull (const QString &text)
void setReferenceParsingDir (const QString &dir)
QString setTags (const QString &text) const
void setWidgetMapping ()
const QStringList & sortedBibliographicFields () const
QString toBibTeX (const bibReference &ref, bool sig=true) const
QString toBibTeX (bool sig=true) const
bibReference wholeReference (const QString &str)

Protected Member Functions

QString adjacentNumbers (const QString &numbers) const

Protected Attributes

authorString _authorString
QStringList _bibliographic_fields
QStringList _bibliographic_types
bibReference _current_reference
QRegExp _field_re
settings * _settingsP
QStringList _sorted_bibliographic_fields

Private Slots

void referenceEdited (const QString &value)
void setField ()
void showLog (const QString &log)

Private Member Functions

void checkRegExpFile (const QString &fn)
void currentReferenceUpdated ()
void setCiteID ()
void setReferenceType (const QString &type)

Private Attributes

bool _bp_updates_gui
QWidget * _c2b_mainP
QHash< QString, c2bLineEdit * > _field_editors
QPointer< c2bBibPreparserLog > _preparser_logP
QComboBox * _type_editor

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