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network Class Reference

#include <network.h>

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Detailed Description

cb2Bib Network file copy/move

Pere Constans

Definition at line 22 of file network.h.

Public Slots

void cancelDownload ()


void downloadProgress (qint64 bytesReceived, qint64 bytesTotal)
void getFileDone (bool status, const QString &error)
void proxyAuthenticationRequired (const QNetworkProxy &proxy, QAuthenticator *auth)

Public Member Functions

const QString destinationFilename () const
const QString errorString () const
void getFile (const QString &orig, const QString &dest, const QString &action="copy", QObject *receiver=0, const char *callback=0, const bool overwrite=false)
 network (QObject *parento=0)
const QString sourceFilename () const

Private Slots

void emit_getFileDone (bool status, const QString &error)
void emit_getFileDone ()
void fetcherClientEnded (int exitCode, QProcess::ExitStatus exitStatus)
void fetcherEnded ()
void fetcherReadyRead ()
void loadSettings ()
void logError ()

Private Member Functions

bool checkDestination ()
bool fetch (const QUrl &url)
bool getFile_c2b (const QString &action, const QNetworkAccessManager::Operation op=QNetworkAccessManager::GetOperation)
bool getFile_client (const QString &action)
bool getFilePrivate (const QString &orig, const QString &dest, const QString &action)

Private Attributes

QNetworkReply * _current_reply
QFile _destination_file
QString _destination_filename
QNetworkAccessManager * _fetcher
QProcess * _fetcher_client
QString _getfile_error_string
bool _getfile_succeeded
bool _is_fetching
QNetworkAccessManager::Operation _operation
int _redirection_count
QString _source_filename
QByteArray _url_query
bool FmClient
QString FmClientCopyArg
QString FmClientCopyBin
QString FmClientMoveArg
QString FmClientMoveBin

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