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networkQuery Class Reference

#include <networkQuery.h>

Inherited by c2bNetworkQuery.

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Detailed Description

cb2Bib Network Queries

Pere Constans

Definition at line 24 of file networkQuery.h.


void queryEnded (bool stat, const QString &targetPDF, const QString &targetBib)
void statusMessage (const QString &ms)

Public Member Functions

QString errorString () const
networknetworkPtr () const
 networkQuery (bibParser *bp, network *net, QObject *parento=0)
 networkQuery (bibParser *bp, QObject *parento=0)
void submitQuery (const bibReference &reference, const QString &raw_reference=QString())

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool checkQueryFile (const QString &fn) const
virtual QString fromHtmlString (const QString &str, const bool=false) const
virtual bool openFile (const QString &) const

Private Slots

bool areQueryParametersValid ()
void queryDone (bool stat)
bool setQueryParameters ()
void submitQuery1 ()
void submitQuery2 (bool stat)
void updateQueryPlaceholders ()

Private Member Functions

const QString encodeUrl (const QString &url) const
void init ()

Private Attributes

QString _action
QString _captionQ
QString _error_string
bool _is_end_of_file
QString _networkquery_tmp_fn1
QString _networkquery_tmp_fn2
QString _pdfurl_prefix
QString _pdfurl_sufix
QString _Qauthor
QString _Qdoi
QString _Qexcerpt
QString _Qjournal
QString _QjournalCode
QString _Qpage
QString _Qtitle
QList< uint > _query_parameter_count
QString _Qvolume
QString _referenceurl_prefix
QString _referenceurl_sufix
settings * _settingsP
QString _targetBib
QString _targetPDF
QString _targetQ

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