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texToHtml Class Reference

#include <texToHtml.h>

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Detailed Description

Minimalist TeX to HTML converter

Definition at line 18 of file texToHtml.h.

Public Member Functions

void toHtml (const QString &tex, const QString &fn)
QString toHtml (const QString &tex)

Protected Member Functions

void parse (QString tex)
virtual void parseEmptyLine ()
virtual void parseLaTeXMarkup (const QString &, const QString &)
void stop ()

Private Member Functions

void citesToHtml (QString *html)
void extractCites (const QString &p)
void extractMacro (const QString &v)
void parseComment (const QString &p)
void parseElement (const QString &p, const QString &e, const QString &v)
void parseTextParagraph (const QString &p)
void referencesToHtml (QString *reference_list_html)
void retrieveReferences ()
QString toHtmlString (QString str, const bool do_macros=true)
void urlToHtml (QString *str)

Private Attributes

QString _bibtex_directory
coreBibParser _cbp
QHash< QString, int > _cites
bool _close_subsection
bool _close_subsubsection
QDir _current_dir
QRegExp _extern_url_rx
bool _has_equation
QRegExp _has_inline_equations_rx
QString _html
QString _html_filename
QString _index
int _index_anchors
QRegExp _macro_arguments_rx
bool _make_index
QRegExp _named_extern_url_rx
QRegExp _named_url_rx
QHash< QString, bibReference_references
settings * _settingsP
QList< QRegExp > _tex_macro_names_rx
QString _tex_macros
QString _title
QRegExp _url_rx
bool _use_relative_links

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